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MotoGP Malaysia

29 October 2017

The MotoGP Malaysia 2017 held on the beautiful Sepang Circuit 60 km from the exciting city of Kuala Lumpur is an event you have to visit at least once in your life. A unique experience with more than 100.000 enthousiastic race fans on the stands, great weather and the best food you can get.

In 2015 the most remarkable MotoGP race took place in years...first the verbal encounter from Rossi on Marquez and later the weekend the crash from Marc after being pushed of the track by Vale... the rest is history.....

With the city of Kuala Lumpur on just an hour drive from Sepang, we have chosen a De Luxe hotel in KL to combine motorsport with leisure. All 3 days we bring you to the track with our guided transfers and the best Grandstand tickets will be ready you. As an extra we will take you to the MotoGP paddock on Friday!

If you want to enjoy this MotoGP in full luxery and in a lounge with air-conditioning, choose for the MotoGP VIP Village. From a start with breakfast, a high level lunch and snack in the afternoon, you will pampered fully with of course the drinks included. Paddock and Pitwalk is also available for the VIP guests.

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